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The tools and connections you need to make a massive impact

As a business owner, it’s your job to set the vision and move the company forward in achieving the objectives set in place. But, doing that on your own is hard. You have to overcome the obstacles thrown in your path, no matter how long it may take.

Fortunately, there is an easier way. Core Profit Builders was created to help you find the solutions to the largest obstacles in your business. Using valuable tools for improving yourself as a leader and blueprints for growing your company, you’ll have everything you need to level up.

Your Network is your Net Worth

Creating relationships with people that can help you overcome struggles is a business owners most valuable asset. Inside our mastermind groups, you’ll meet some of the leading individuals in the cleaning industry, as well as those who have solved the current challenges you are facing.

Powerful Programs and Products

These products and programs are designed to help you build a better, more profitable company

Strategic Success Circles

We’re an elite mastermind group of cleaning-company owners who help each other scale our businesses, overcome the unique challenges of our industry and rapidly grow our revenue.

Foundations of Success

You'll have access to some of the top CEOs in the industry, as well as business owners just like you to collaborate with. And by the end of it all, you'll come home with invaluable information that will transform the way you run and grow your business.

One-On-One Coaching/Consulting

Get expert one-on-one training with Liz so you can develop a long term strategy for future success and growth. For a deeper look into your operations, she'll work with you on-site as well.

On-Site Coaching

From employee struggles and hiring difficulties, to review collection and marketing, there is no limit to what we can address within your company. When you hire Liz as your personal performance coach, we'll work on finding solutions to the most important obstacles in your company.

Meet Your Coach

Liz currently owns and operates Core Profit Builders – a coaching company, with the majority of her focus being on Strategic Success groups (formerly Mastermind Accountability groups). She has owned American Maid Service in Olympia, WA since 1993 and currently operates as an absentee owner. Along with her husband Tim, Liz is also a real estate investor and developer who currently owns 80+ rentals. Liz is driven to help those she works with (whether on-on-one or in groups) to be the best version of themselves while executing on the goals, plans, and strategies that are important to them. Knowing what to do is only part of the battle, how is sometimes the trickier part. Liz enjoys being a Certified High-Performance Coach (CHPC) who uses her certification along with extensive DISC training and 3 decades of experience in the cleaning industry to help people at all levels “get out of their own way.”

I Had Never Realized How Important Accountability Was Until I Joined This Group

– Rochelle Griger-Wilkinson

I own and operate a cleaning service in Baltimore Maryland for the last 28 years, I was 22 years old when I started my business and was a single mom looking to support herself. I know a lot of people started their business this way or for this reason.

I knew how to clean, and had a background in accounting, but knew nothing about hiring or training people or growing and scaling a business. I was winging it in every way imaginable.

I was good at providing high-quality service and treated my employees great, but I had no systems in place and the business became a nightmare to run.

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I grew my business to 23 employees and we were doing right around 1 million a year.

Trying to get out from under the beast I had created and couldn’t figure out how to tame, I took a job working for a family member thinking this would be easier. I realized within a year I missed working for myself, so I restarted my business.

This time though I wanted to work smarter not harder so I joined a bunch of Facebook groups for cleaning business owners.

Many were elementary and asked questions like “ what is the best vacuum to use”? Or “ what should I charge for a 6 bedroom house”?

These were not the questions I needed to be answered so I started searching for deeper, more in-depth groups. I started noticing a handful of cleaning business owners who were doing really well, running large companies, making 1-3 million a year, they had a good culture in their company and seemed to be doing all the things that make companies run successfully.

So I started digging deep to see who they were getting advice from. All signs pointed back to a small group of people and Liz Trotter was in that group.

You know what they say, If you are the smartest person in the room, move to another room. This is so true. So I started looking into how to sign up for anything she was teaching. The next thing you know I am flying to South Carolina to listen to her speak for a 1-day seminar. I thought to myself “ This is what I am looking for, this is the info I need to move to the next level”

I signed up for a week-long class that Liz is affiliated with and she covers many topics during that week and so I was patiently waiting for our week-long class. I was excited for what I would learn and ready to start implementing what they taught.

In the meantime, Liz signed me up to be in her Facebook group for growth and measurement, and accountability.

It wasn’t until I was in this group that I had to answer to others about what actions I was actively taking to grow my business.

I had never been held accountable, I was the boss. I did not realize until I was in the group how badly I needed to be in the group.

I would promise myself things would be different this year, or next month, but no one held me accountable if I didn’t get the things done I promised myself. No one knew I had failed to do the things I had secretly promised myself except me, so who held me accountable? No one, but I was always so busy in the day-to-day I could never get away from what I was doing long enough to actually take the steps to think about what I needed to move forward or get to the next level. When you are the boss, you have all these spinning plates in the air and if you stop spinning the plates they will all come crashing down, so how on earth can you ever do more things that need to be done to move forward?

That’s where the accountability group comes in.

I have things that have been on my to-do list for the last year and a half.

When I first joined Liz’s accountability group I noticed that week after week I was putting down the same tasks.. Not getting them done, just moving the same tasks from one week to the next. It wasn’t until I could see it written down that I realized how quickly time flies and while we have the best of intentions, if we don’t intentionally do the things we need to do to grow our business, the to-do items never get done and weeks turn into months, and months into years and we can be in the same spot his time next year if we aren’t paying attention.

This is where Liz has helped me tremendously. I don’t know what it is, I think she has a background in Psychology or something, but she can tap into your brain and she can figure out what motivates people, and how they tick and how their brains work.

She is super intuitive and smart and she is such a people person.

I have an attention deficit and a million ideas in my head at all times and she has helped me gain clarity and learn to focus on what I need to do next, to move forward.

It started clicking with me on what actions I needed to take next, and Liz is there cheering you on the whole way, she really wants nothing more than for everyone to succeed and live their best life.

She is extremely smart and I think she has read every book on business ever written so if you have any issue she could tell you which book to read to address that issue.

In our industry you can attend seminars or classes on running a cleaning business, or which software you should use, that’s all well and fine, but there is something magical about the accountability group and what Liz offers that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Being an entrepreneur, we are built differently, we are a different breed, we are slightly stubborn, we aren’t afraid to take chances, we see opportunities where others don’t. That’s why coaching and accountability from another true entrepreneur is so valuable.

You need someone who will be honest and upfront with you and hold you to what you say you are going to do.

If you want to get to the next level, you need to surround yourself with others who are marching in the same direction as you. You need to surround yourself with people who won’t let you give up, and who have been where you have been and can help show you the way.

I feel blessed and lucky that I found Liz.

She is so giving of her time and knowledge and really wants the best for everyone she meets and she will do whatever she can to help you succeed.

If you look at her past and present students you can see that the ones who are growing and growing are the industry big guns, and they are all listening to what Liz has to say and are in her groups, so if you know, and have found her and you’re thinking about joining her group you should consider yourself lucky too.

What Liz’s Clients Say

My Company Grew From Half a Million To $2.5 Million in Sales!

I am a huge believer in Master Mind Groups. I was in a Group that helped my company grow from half a million in sales to $2.5 million in sales. However Mastermind Groups are even more effective with a strong leader and I would want to be in any group Liz was leading.

– Laura Smith

She Drives Me To Make The Tough Decisions

Breakdown The Barriers in
Your Business

Get One-on-One Coaching With Liz, A Certified High Performance Coach


How a Cleaning Business Success Coach Can Help You Get New Clients?

A cleaning business success coach can be a valuable asset when it comes to getting new clients. Here are a few ways a coach can help:

They can provide market research.

Cleaning business success coaches have access to data and resources that can help you identify your target market and understand what they want and need from a cleaning service. This information can be used to help you develop marketing strategies that will reach your ideal clients.

They can provide guidance on pricing and packaging.

Pricing and packaging your services correctly is essential to getting new clients. A cleaning business success coach can help you determine the right price point for your services and package them in a way that will appeal to your target market.

They can help you create a winning sales pitch.

Your sales pitch is key to getting new clients. A cleaning business success coach can help you craft a message that resonates with your target market and convinces them that your cleaning business is the right one for them.

They can offer advice on marketing and advertising strategies.

There are many different ways to market and advertise your cleaning business, and a cleaning business success coach can help you choose the right mix of strategies for your business.

Breakdown The Barriers in
Your Business