Leadership Habits: Teaching/Coaching versus Correcting

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Leadership Habits: Teaching/Coaching versus Correcting

Correction is an activity focused on a past action. Teaching and coaching are activities focused on future possibilities. It’s the future that we can change, so the more teaching and coaching you can do with your employees, the more change you can effect towards achieving your business goals.

The module is available for instant download and includes

  • The Relationship of Leadership to Culture (video)
  • Teaching/Coaching versus Correcting - Whys and Whats (video)
  • Teaching and Coaching versus Correction - Examples (video)
  • Dot Checker (spreadsheet)
  • Leadership Matrix (document)

This is the toolkit developed and used by Liz Trotter, founder and owner of American Maid Cleaning in Olympia, WA. Liz is also a charter member of Cleaning for a Reason and a past board member of ARCSI.

This toolkit/module was first released as the September 2013 installment of the HiPEP: High Performance Employee Program subscription.

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