The Profit Maximizer (PMX)

What Is The Profit Maximizer?

The Profit Maximizer is a critical tool for running a better, more efficient service business. From engaging employees, to tracking KPIs, and even maximizing your profits; this workbook will help you understand & track every aspect of your business so you can make smarter decisions.

Here’s what’s included in the Profit Maximizer:

  1. Meeting resource: track & plan meetings
  2. Weekly accountability tracker
  3. Sheets for KPI tracking (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Summary)
  4. Cash flow tracking & summary
  5. Budget tracking: Run a more successful business by knowing your numbers
  6. Goal projecting worksheet
  7. Track your most important tasks every quarter / month
  8. Track your customer and employee headlines: Ensure leadership stays on track with customers & employees
  9. Issue solving track (Most Powerful) – From The Traction methodology
  10. Todo lists: Track who’s doing what
  11. Profit First dispersement form
  12. Net Profit & Break Even calculator

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Bring all of your most important business details and data into one place.

Track KPIs

Knowing and measuring the right KPIs will help you achieve results faster. A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable metric that demonstrates how well a company is performing against its key business objectives.

Goal Projections & Planning

When you set annual goals in this workbook, it will automatically calculate how much money you need to make each week, month, and quarter to hit your objective. It’s a great way to set projections and watch how your business is performing!

Budget Planning

It’s harder to run a successful service business that grows swiftly, if you don’t budget. The Profit Maximizer gives you pre-built formulas to start setting monthly, quarterly, and annual budgets.

IDS Tracker

This is the most powerful part of the workbook! IDS stands for Identify, Discuss and Solve. When your leadership team works together to clearly identify what the issue is, discuss the reasons for it and solve the issue, you can effectively move your business to the next level.

Cash Flow Tracking

Every service business MUST be tracking cash flow if they want to be successful. Without a clear understanding of where money is flowing in and out, you will be doomed to fail. Fortunately, this workbook makes it easy to start tracking this important metric.

Profit First Disbursement

Easily track your disbursements, where they’re going, how much they are, and more.

And much more!!

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** Included: Videos on how to optimize your business with this workbook