2023 ISSA Residential Regional Event Ticket: How to Run Your Residential Cleaning Business

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2023 ISSA Residential Regional Event Ticket: How to Run Your Residential Cleaning Business


There is no room block for this event, but many attendees are staying at:

Crowne Plaza Charleston

4831 Tanger Outlet Boulevard Charleston, SC 29418

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2023 ISSA Residential Regional Event - Charleston, SC - August 21, 2023


How to Run Your Residential Cleaning Business


In this day-long ISSA Residential Regional Event, we are going to arm you with the tools to run your residential cleaning business. Success is not out of reach and at our Regional Event, we will help you identify what you need to have in place to reach the level of success you want. From training and accountability to KPIs and strategy, this event can help you revolutionize your business operations.




9 am – Noon

How to Train Your Team More Effectively
Sharon Tinberg

Noon – 1 pm

Castle Keepers House Cleaning Tour
(Boxed lunches)

1 – 5 pm

Education Program

1 – 1:15 pm        Intro / Ice Breaker

1:15 – 2 pm        Running Your Cleaning Business from A-Z, Liz Trotter

2 – 2:45 pm        The Future of Business Success: Moving from Sales to Profit-Driven Strategies, Tom Stewart

2:45 – 3 pm        Break

3 – 3:45 pm        A Culture of Accountability: How to Use Metrics to Drive Engagement, Motivation, and Results in Cleaning Businesses,

                             Ajia Holiday

3:45 – 4:30 pm  Develop the Winning Strategy for Your Business,
                          Gosia Baran & RJ Patel

4:30 – 5 pm        Q&A



Running Your Cleaning Business from A-Z
Liz Trotter

You know it’s true – you don’t know what you don’t know. In this interactive session with Liz Trotter, discover what you need to know about running your cleaning business – and find out what steps you may have missed.

A Culture of Accountability: How to Use Metrics to Drive Engagement, Motivation, and Results in Cleaning Businesses
Ajia Holiday

We will explore the power of key performance indicators (KPIs) to foster a culture of accountability within your cleaning business. We’ll examine how KPIs can be used to set clear expectations, provide feedback, and motivate office staff and technicians toward common goals. We’ll also cover how to effectively track KPIs and communicate progress to employees, along with practical strategies for using KPIs to foster a culture of continuous improvement in a way that won’t be dropped when things get inevitably crazy. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how KPIs can be used to improve company culture in their cleaning businesses, along with practical tips for implementing KPI tracking and communication strategies.

The Future of Business Success: Moving from Sales to Profit-Driven Strategies
Tom Stewart

For years the measure of success in the residential cleaning industry has been the number of homes cleaned or revenue generated. However, today’s technology, companies now have the ability to maximize their profit and not leave their success to chance. This presentation will show you how to transform your cleaning business from a sales-driven model to a profit-driven one. Don't leave the profitability of your company to luck. The future of business success is about moving from a sales-driven model to a profit-driven one. By following the concepts outlined in this presentation, you will be well on your way to maximizing the profit of your cleaning business and ensuring its long-term success.

Develop the Winning Strategy for Your Business,
Gosia Baran & RJ Patel

In this session, learn why an annual strategic planning session is so critical to your success.  




Castle Keepers House Cleaning
2030 Harley St
North Charleston, SC 29406


About Sharon Tinberg
Sharon Tinberg is currently owner of Rags to Riches, a residential cleaning service support center. After receiving a BA in Speech Communications and spending 15 years in management in the corporate world Sharon started The Upstairs Maid in Austin, Texas in 1988. She sold it in 2008 when it was generating $1.98M/yr in gross revenue billing at $28.50/ hour with a staff of 60. Sharon’s passion is repeat clients and house cleaner training and development. When Sharon left The Upstairs Maid, they had 754 repeat clients and cleaned 490 jobs per week with 2 complaints per week. Sharon developed the first 5 module DVD set for house cleaning training in English and Spanish as soon as she began Rags to Riches in 2008. She began coaching and training groups of owners at her ranch and in regional seminars covering all aspects of starting and developing a successful cleaning service. In her later years Sharon concentrated her focus on cleaner training working with owners, managers and cleaners in 61 offices in the United States, Canada and Mexico. She has partnered with ISSA Residential and has licensed her state of the art on-line training kit to ISSA as part of their educational dashboard.

About Gosia Baran
After working in the corporate world for a few years, I got laid off a few months after 9/11. Having a 4-month-old son, I chose not to go back to the corporate world but to open my own business. I had the desire of helping people; in the corporate world helping others was not the priority. In November 2001, Helping Hands was born. Today, Helping Hands is stronger than ever, employing 45 cleaning technicians and office staff. We service residential and commercial clients in the Chicagoland area.

About Ajia Holiday
Ajia Holiday (pronounced ah-Zhuh) is a member of the MaidCentral Software team and is currently the Partner Education and Training Manager. She is known as one of the most successful general managers of a residential cleaning company, growing a company from a $1 million/yr to a $3 million/yr run rate in 4 years with an absentee owner. This growth was achieved using Ajia's talent in developing analytical tools and standardizing operations. It is not often that a cleaning technician works their way to being a key member of a software team in 6 years but that is exactly what Ajia did, and she continues to bridge the gaps between cleaning technicians, operations, and software.

About RJ Patel
RJ and his wife Asha have owned PCT Clean for over 16 years. Prior to that, RJ’s family owned a hotel and were responsible for the day-to-day business, including guest services, housekeeping, and grounds keeping. RJ is the first chair of the Residential Cleaning Council, tasked with leading the association through the first two years of its merger with ISSA. RJ continues to serve on the Residential Cleaning Council as the past chair.

About Tom Stewart
Tom Stewart is an industry leader on professionalizing the residential cleaning industry, for the benefit of cleaning business owners, their clients, and the cleaning professionals that make it happen.  With his wife Janice, he also founded ModernCleaning.com, a digital hub dedicated to promoting hygienic cleaning and other professional house cleaning practices to the residential cleaning industry.   In response to the need for online training during the COVID-19 pandemic Modern Cleaning launched a eLearning platform for house cleaning businesses and the professionals that work for them.  Through a partnership with ARCSI this platform offers COVID-19 safety training and the ARCSI Professional House Cleaning (PHC) Certification Program.  Tom is a founding member Cleaning Profit Builders.  CBB was known for Foundations of Success, a transformational program which helped cleaning businesses implement professional business processes.  Tom is a co-author of the Professional House Cleaning Technician’s Manual and Modern Cleaning: The Evolution of Chemical Free Cleaning.  He is a co-founder and Partner in Cleaning Business Today, the online magazine for the house cleaning industry.   Tom also is an owner in the industry related digital publications Housekeeping Channel and Health House Institute.

About Liz Trotter
Liz currently owns and operates Cleaning Profit Builders - a coaching company, with most of her focus being on Strategic Success groups for Owners and top-level Managers. She has owned American Maid Service in Olympia, WA since 1993 and currently operates as an absentee owner.  Along with her husband Tim, Liz is also a real estate investor and developer who currently owns 100+ rentals. Liz is driven to help those she works with to be the best version of themselves while executing on the goals, plans, and strategies that are important to them. Knowing what to do is only part of the battle, how is most often the trickier part. Liz enjoys being a Certified High-Performance Coach (CHPC) who uses her certification along with extensive DISC training and 3 decades of experience in the cleaning industry to help people at all levels “get out of their own way."


Questions? Call Erin Lasch at 224-534-5061

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