Core Programs and Success Tools

Our Core success tools and programs are designed to help you

build a solid and successful cleaning business built on profit and strength!


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Strategic Success Circles

In this exclusive group, you’ll get the opportunity to listen to well-renowned speakers and business owners, plus take part in friendly challenges and competition to help push you to the next level.

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Starting @ $2,125

On-Site Coaching

From employee struggles and hiring difficulties, to review collection and marketing, there is no limit to what we can address within your company. When you hire any of our coaches as your personal performance coach, we’ll work on finding solutions to the most important obstacles in your company.


Starting @ $295

One-on-One Coaching

Get expert one-on-one training with Liz so you can develop a long term strategy for future success and growth. For a deeper look into your operations, she’ll work with you on-site as well.

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Starting @ $349

Reach For The Stars

The Dare to Dream program is a powerful tool to help engage and develop your employees. It is a program that inspires your staff to imagine the possibilities available to them.

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* Invitation Only

Advantage Leagues

The Advantage Leagues were created for a larger purpose than just business, they were made to extend our impact throughout the community and world.

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* Starting @ $155

DISC Assessments

Find out how your behaviors translate to the staff you manage - and how to change it to get what you want!

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Get One-on-One Coaching With Our Certified High Performance Coaches or Any of Our Core Coaches to Help Strengthen Your Company!

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