Behind the Scenes at Castle Keepers House Cleaning-Additional Attendee

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Behind the Scenes at Castle Keepers House Cleaning-Additional Attendee

Give your cleaning business an extra boost by bringing an employee or family member to this incredible event at Castle Keepers House Cleaning.

You have met the leaders—Tom Stewart, Derek Christian, and Liz Trotter. Now meet the team that runs 5 branches of a multi-million-dollar maid service. Go behind the curtain—the Castle Keepers House Cleaning support center in Charleston, SC. Observe first-hand as our operations staff conducts morning in-service training and dispatches teams to the field. Then enjoy a full day of learning in the following areas:

Hiring—How do we find and hire the best employees?

  1. Craigslist, Indeed, and Facebook—the 3 essential advertising media for effective recruitment. Get hands-on instruction on how to create clickable images and buttons in ads where they’re not usually allowed.
  2. People Matter—the powerful applicant tracking system that streamlines communication with applicants and automates ad placement on job boards
  3. The screening process—our interview questions and scoring methods

Onboarding—How we use technology to welcome new hires and make them successful team members

  1. Orientation day at Castle Keepers House Cleaning. What do we teach new team members? What do they learn when they are in the field? Get an inside look at our comprehensive training plan.
  2. How we dug out from underneath a mountain of paperwork. See the online resources we use to fast track new cleaners into the field.

Tools and Equipment—How the right tools paired with right methods and constant training produce the best outcomes in less time

  1. What is DI water? Hear why we use, where can they get it, and how to cut costs with a dilution system.
  2. ProTeam Backpacks - What are the benefits that make them cost effective? How do they increase productivity?
  3. Company cars - How do you figure out the cost? How long do they last? How do you maintain them? How much business do you get from them?
  4. Microfiber—the most important tool we use. The right product used in the right system can make you more profitable.
  5. Where to purchase

Sales—How we reinvented the process to sell in multiple markets from a support center

  1. How do we quote? Why do we quote by the room?
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of in-person, phone, and online quoting
  3. What is our follow up process? How many calls and emails do we make?
  4. What are some tips and tricks to selling over the phone?
  5. Listen to a great sales call and unpack why it worked.
  6. Generating leads 24/7—online quoting tools and chat

Customer Service—How do we keep clients happy?

  1. The Cleaning Scorecard (reviews)
  2. Onboarding new customers with a welcome packet
  3. Soliciting legitimate reviews—how to build 5-star ratings on Google, Facebook, and Yelp
  4. Educating and staying in touch with our customers with a blog and newsletter

Q&A and Create your Plan

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