Client Nurture Workshop

Client Nurture Workshop

Client Nurture Workshop

Live Stream?

Unlock the Secrets of Customer Loyalty with the Client Nurture Workshop

When:  August 15-16, 2024
Where: Rochester, MI, and LiveStreamed Globally
Hosted by: Lisa Shaul & Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning
Main Speaker: Liz Trotter
Proudly Brought to You by: Core Profit Builders

Feeling like your customers are just passing through? Wondering how to transform one-time clients into lifelong fans? You're in good company. The Client Nurture Workshop is designed to turn the tide, offering you strategies to build lasting relationships that benefit both you and your customers, available both in vibrant Rochester, MI, and from anywhere via LiveStream.

Think About This...

  • "Do I really know what keeps my customers coming back?" Dive into the psychology of customer loyalty and discover what truly makes your clients tick.
  • "Am I doing enough to make my customers feel valued?" Unpack creative, actionable strategies to show your clients they're more than just a transaction.
  • "How can I turn a satisfied customer into a loyal advocate?" Learn the art of cultivating advocates who will sing your praises far and wide.
  • "In a competitive market, how can my business stand out?" Master the nuances of nurturing client relationships to elevate your business above the crowd.
  • "Is there a formula to reduce churn and boost my bottom line?" Explore the direct correlation between customer retention and your business’s financial health.

Early Bird Special & LiveStream Access: Your path to deepening customer connections is more accessible than ever. And if Rochester, MI, is beyond your reach, join us via LiveStream to ensure you don’t miss out on these transformative insights.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Insightful talks by Liz Trotter, a titan in nurturing and retaining customers, ready to share her wisdom on turning clients into loyal fans.
  • Real-world exercises that challenge you to apply groundbreaking strategies, whether attending in person or virtually.
  • Networking with peers driven to refine their customer service and retention strategies, fostering a community of innovation.
  • A comprehensive blueprint on implementing proven customer nurture techniques in your cleaning business for sustained success.

Who Will Reap the Most Benefits? If your cleaning business is facing high client turnover or you’re just eager to level up your customer service game, this workshop is for you. Ideal for both seasoned owners and fresh faces in the industry, it’s a pivotal step for anyone ready to transform customer satisfaction into enduring loyalty.

Choose How You Join Us: Step into the world of unmatched customer loyalty at the Client Nurture Workshop your way. Experience the energy in person in Rochester, MI, or tap into the knowledge from wherever you are through our LiveStream option. Either route you take, you’re embarking on a journey to elevate your business by turning fleeting customers into loyal advocates.

Act Now: Grab your spot to discover the keys to customer retention that will not only make your clients stick but also turn them into vocal supporters of your cleaning business. Early birds catch the savings, and smart business owners catch the growth opportunities. Let’s make those connections last!

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