Conducting In-Home Consultations and Estimates

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Conducting In-Home Consultations and Estimates

There are LOTS of ways to do In-Home (aka on-site) consultations with prospects and existing clients, but there are some key behaviors that will assure your success.

The module is available for instant download and includes

  • The Consultation (video)
  • Set-up and Follow-up (video)
  • The Bid Sheet (video)
  • Bid Sheet and Service Agreement (document)
  • Consultation System for In-home Consultation (document)
  • Relationship Builder (document)
  • In-home Consultation Flow Chart (document)

This is the toolkit developed and used by Liz Trotter, founder and owner of American Maid Cleaning in Olympia, WA. Liz is also a charter member of Cleaning for a Reason and a past board member of ARCSI.

This toolkit/module was first released as the August 2014 installment of the HiPEP: High Performance Employee Program subscription.

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