Core Values Cards for Hiring & Appreciation

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Core Values Cards for Hiring & Appreciation

Do you ever feel like a job candidate isn't quite the right "fit," but don't know to identify it...and then you hire the candidate anyway, only to feel stuck when you're faced with troublesome behaviors?

Often this is because you haven't clearly identified the core values for your company and haven't tested each employee and candidate for how theirs match up with or conflict with yours.

Liz Trotter has turned this seemingly daunting task into a much friendlier process - using a simple but powerful deck of cards. 

The Core Values for Hiring deck of cards is designed to be used in two primary ways (though applications are limitless!):

  1. use the deck to determine or revise the core values of your company.
  2. use the deck to "test" candidates you bring in for an interview - especially potential leadership and support staff - to learn up front where your motivations line and where you might struggle.

Each deck comes with at least 52 potential core values with both English and Neutral Spanish translation as well as 4 activity cards, including

  • discovering your core values
  • hiring with your core values
  • Who Do We Appreciate activity for staff
  • We're All Great activity for staff 

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