DISC Interview Insights for Customer Service

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DISC Interview Insights for Customer Service

Start building your Sales and Customer Service Team with Interview Insights for Customer Service!

  • When it's time to turn over the customer service and phone sales to someone new, how can you be sure they can do it even half as well as you can? 
  • Can s/he smooth over a complaint?
  • Can s/he get an unhappy customer to review a bad online review?
  • Can s/he set appropriate expectations so that your techs can WOW clients?

The DISC Interview Insights for Customer Service helps you find out the answers to these types of questions, getting beyond simply punctual attendance, to make sure you hire someone who can care for your customers with the same intent, compassion, and attention to procedure that you do! All before you hire them!

When you purchase DISC Interview Insights for Customer Service, you will provide the name and email address of the candidate who will be completing the assessment. The candidate will receive an email (with the prospective employer copied) with a unique web link and expiration date for the link, and will complete the assessment online. Once the candidate has submitted his/her assessment, the candidate and the prospective employer will receive an assessment report.

If you have added a consultation with Liz Trotter, she will review the assessment results and schedule a joint consultation with both the prospective employer and the candidate at the same time. Business owners can maximize this consultation by taking the DISC Assessment for Business Owners and Leaders first so that Liz can identify points of harmony and points of potential discord.

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