Leadership Habits: Delegation and Accountability

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Leadership Habits: Delegation and Accountability

Just one of the qualities of a great leader (as opposed to a good leader) is his/her ability to delegate and to hold others accountable. When our employees are not as disciplined as we like, or not producing the outcomes we expect, we tend to think there's something wrong with them. Focusing on the leadership habits of delegation and accountability can assure you that you have done what needs to be done as the leader of your company.

The module is available for instant download and includes

  • Understanding Delegation and Accountability (video)
  • Accountability in the Office (video)
  • Accountability in the Field (video)
  • Dot Checker (spreadsheet)
  • Obstacle Form (document)

This is the toolkit developed and used by Liz Trotter, founder and owner of American Maid Cleaning in Olympia, WA. Liz is also a charter member of Cleaning for a Reason and a past board member of ARCSI.

This toolkit/module was first released as the April 2015 installment of the HiPEP: High Performance Employee Program subscription.

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