Management Training: Role-Play Videos (RPV)

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Management Training: Role-Play Videos (RPV)

As your business grows your Leadership skills need to grow with it. More employees mean new and bigger challenges as you can no longer work on a one on one basis with each individual in your company.  This is the time to add leadership Role-Play Videos (RPVs) to your training program. RPVs are designed to show you and your support staff how to improve your leadership and management skills. Leadership is not something you are born with; it is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced regularly to make a difference. The Role-Play Videos are here to help.  

Each RPV presents a different leadership or management situation and identifies the skill(s) to be practiced and developed. The focus is on explaining WHY and showing you exactly HOW to do these higher level action items that will be required of you as either the owner of the business or a member of the support staff (manager, supervisor, trainer, customer service, etc.). Each set includes both a lesson and 3-5 videos to give you ACTUAL examples along with the instruction you will need to grow your support staff and leadership team along with your business. 


Choose from 21 leadership and staff development topics. Some items may be available on disk only.

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