Promotion, Discipline & Termination

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Promotion, Discipline & Termination

Once you've got a new cleaner trained and in the field, how do you plan to keep up with him/her? Just as you have expectations that performance quality will not only meet basic expectations but also improve, that employee also expects to be recognized and rewarded for learning more, doing more, and becoming more important to your organization. Without a clear growth chain (or promotion opportunities), great employees will leave you and find another company who does. Same goes for employees who see others "getting away with" breaking the rules and not being called out or let go according to policy.

Photo Of Liz TrotterThis class, delivered by American Maid founder/owner Liz Trotter, provides you with a structure and program for constantly and consistently measure not only employee quality but also employee engagement - an employee's level of commitment to and enjoyment of working with your company.

Class Agenda

  • Employee Engagement
  • Promotions
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Discipline
  • Termination

Download Contents

  1. Class Video (duration 53:29)
  2. Class PPT Slides
  3. Employee Engagement: MMS Holiday Poem (original)
  4. Employee Engagement: MMS Employee Newsletter (2)
  5. Promotion: Promotion Worksheet for Assistant Team Coach
  6. Promotion: Promotion Test for Assistant Team Coach
  7. Promotion: Promotion Evaluation for Team Coach
  8. Performance Evaluation: AMCLLC (Liz Trotter's) Employee Evaluation for Technicians and Assistant Team Coach
  9. Performance Evaluation: Employee Self-Evaluation Form
  10. Performance Evaluation: Performance Evaluation Form (with scoring)
  11. Discipline: AMCLLC Discipline Strike Form
  12. Discipline: Corrective Action Review
  13. Discipline: Record of Disciplinary Action
  14. Discipline: Record of Verbal Warnings
  15. Accident or Injury: AMCLLC Request Form with Accident-Injury Form
  16. Termination: AMCLLC Parting Team Member Exit Interview
  17. Termination: AMCLLC Termination section from Team Manual
  18. Termination: MMS (Derek Christian's) Termination Letter
  19. Termination: Exit Interview Questions (English & Spanish)

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