Quality Coaching and Corrective Action

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Quality Coaching and Corrective Action

When complaints and breakage reports come in – especially repeat ones – many CBOs begin thinking about punishments: lowering wages or commission or re-assigning teams to lower value clients. We challenge you to start with quality coaching – a review of systems and procedures, well defined, scheduled, overseen, and evaluated. You’ll find that “corrections” are better received and that you lose fewer good technicians who can help you grow.

The module is available for instant download and includes

  • Quality Coaching: The First Steps (video)
  • Quality Coaching: Meeting with the Quality Coach (video)
  • Quality Coaching Explanation: Strategic Description of the Entire Process (video)
  • Quality Coaching Process (document)
  • Parameters and Checklist (document)
  • Quality Control Worksheet (document)
  • Quality Control Evaluation and Scoring (document)
  • Quality Control Flow Chart (document)
  • Dot Checker (spreadsheet)

This is the toolkit developed and used by Liz Trotter, founder and owner of American Maid Cleaning in Olympia, WA. Liz is also a charter member of Cleaning for a Reason and a past board member of ARCSI.

This toolkit/module was first released as the December 2014 installment of the HiPEP: High Performance Employee Program subscription.

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