Recruiting and Hiring

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Recruiting and Hiring

Photo Of Liz TrotterThis class, delivered by American Maid founder/owner Liz Trotter, sets you up with the basic elements of the recruiting and hiring system used by successful and still-growing cleaning companies. The key is that this system goes beyond simply giving you a list but also provides guidance on how to evaluate candidates - what are good, mediocre, and bad answers to application and interview questions, for example.

Class Agenda

  • Before You Hire: mission statement, core values, compensation models, benefits, compliance
  • Recruiting Process: when to hire, where to recruit, positions and job descriptions
  • Application Process: the application, attitude assessments, reference checks
  • Interview Process: questions, answers, scoring, screening
  • Hiring Process: making an offer, paperwork, drug test, background check and eVerify
  • Next Steps: starting to introduce your culture

Download Contents

  1. Class Video (duration 54:28)
  2. Class PPT Slides
  3. Recruiting and Hiring Workbook
  4. Job Descriptions: AMCLLC (Liz Trotter's) Team Cleaner
  5. Job Descriptions: AMCLLC List of positions and promotions (League Structure and Growth Ladder)
  6. Job Descriptions: CK (Tom Stewart's) Administrative/Office Manager
  7. Job Descriptions: CK Field Supervisor/Inspector
  8. Job Descriptions: CK House Cleaning Technician (HCT)
  9. Job Descriptions: CK Operations Manager
  10. Interviews: AMCLLC Application and Interview Process
  11. Interviews: AMCLLC Interview Questions
  12. Interviews: AMCLLC Interview Evaluation and Scoring Rubric
  13. Interviews: Reference Check Questions
  14. Hiring: AMCLLC Offers of Employment
  15. Hiring: AMCLLC New Hire Set-up Checklist
  16. Hiring: CK Personnel File Guidelines
  17. Hiring: MMS (Derek Christian's) New Hire Letter
  18. Onboarding: AMCLLC New Hire Onboarding Checklist
  19. Onboarding: AMCLLC New Hire Orientation Checklist

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