Scheduled Employee Performance Evaluations

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Scheduled Employee Performance Evaluations

In addition to timely inspection-based performance feedback (covered in the module on Employee Performance Feedback), regularly scheduled, formal performance evaluations provide both your company and your employee with the information necessary to ensure healthy company culture and growth. While it’s important for each company to design a schedule that best meets its growth needs, a common schedule starts with higher frequency (3, 6, and 12 months in the first year) and then settles into a 6-month schedule; companies should expect to repeat the higher frequency each time an employee is promoted into a new position to ensure the transition is successful (covered in the module on Growth Ladder and Promotions).

The module is available for instant download and includes

  • Employee Performance Evaluations - Whys and Whats (video)
  • Employee Performance Evaluation without Conflict (video)
  • Employee Performance Evaluation with Conflict (video)
  • Cleaning Technician Evaluation (spreadsheet with scoring)
  • Evaluation Checklist (document)
  • Evaluation System (document)

This is the toolkit developed and used by Liz Trotter, founder and owner of American Maid Cleaning in Olympia, WA. Liz is also a charter member of Cleaning for a Reason and a past board member of ARCSI.

This toolkit/module was first released as the December 2013 installment of the HiPEP: High Performance Employee Program subscription.

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