Set of 5 Communication Skills Video Training

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Set of 5 Communication Skills Video Training

As you begin to hire and train your new found employees, you will discover that training is an on-going process. The typical training program will teach them how to clean, but what about all the other skills?  It soon becomes obvious that to maintain quality service you will need to provide continuing training on customer service, technical training, relationship management, and personal life skills. Coming up with these on-going training topics can be tough when you are always stretched thin.

The Field Staff Training video series on Communication is a collection of instant download videos centered around illuminating, demonstrating, and coaching employees into more professional habits related to communication. Each set includes 5 short videos (5-7 minutes on average) in a series that introduces, challenges, and reinforces the lesson of the set.

Browse our collection on Communication - and be sure to check out our collections on all areas of professional development beyond cleaning tasks.

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