Set of 5 Safety Video Training

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Set of 5 Safety Video Training

In any career where physical actions achieve desired outcomes, safety is a high priority - both the safety of the physical body and the overall safety of each environment you encounter during your workday. And as with many physical careers, repetition often creates a false sense of personal safety. Have you ever heard "but I've done that a thousand times!"? Your employee probably has, and has put him/herself on of the biggest dangers in the workplace. Start - and repeat - these lessons on Safety to reduce injuries and save money.

The Field Staff Training video series on Safety is a collection of instant download videos presenting great examples and demonstrations of personal physical habits such as stretching, staying hydrated, and eating well as well as reminders about staying safe in various environments such as the car and each work site. Each set includes 5 short videos (5-7 minutes on average) in a series that introduces, challenges, and reinforces the lesson of the set.

Browse our collection on Safety - and be sure to check out our collections on all areas of professional development.

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