Teambuilders 12-pack for Communication

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Teambuilders 12-pack for Communication

Improving employee engagement and motivation can be as simple as starting up some activities. But you don't want just a game; as important as FUN is, engagement is MUCH MORE than just having fun.

Employee engagement expert Liz Trotter has put together 12 TEAMBuilders you can use to coach your staff to more frequent, more relevant, more informative, more effective communication with each other and with you. Each TEAMBuilder comes with a guide, including how to interpret the various actions and results of each game - what behaviors indicate who is engaging in good reasoning and applying company policies to create solutions rather than discord.

Your TEAMBuilders for Communication Digital Download includes

  • Bingo - just like the board game you know, Bingo is an exercise in listening, which is often more important than speaking
  • G.H.O.S.T. - players guess at and challenge each others' motives and strategies based on observations, another critical skill in communication
  • Good Ideas - practice and learn good communication to achieve company goals - like quality, in this exercise
  • How Do You See Me? - excellent activity for learning what impression your actions, words, and behaviors make on others (perception) and improving overall goodwill and connection among teams
  • I've Got an Answer for That - great activity to move someone's thinking past simply problem identification (complaining) and toward solutions
  • Living Our Core Values - put this one on a rotation so that you regularly ground your company in your core values and the ways they guide communication expectations - among staff and with clients too
  • Name That Client - when communication with clients seems to be leading to more complaints, this activity is a great place to start in re-connecting employees with the roles they play in creating a customer experience that ultimate rewards them - in their pockets
  • Reaching a Goal - lots of people have trouble setting a goal, much less achieving and maintaining - even more so when they can't feel a personal connection to the goal; use this activity to strengthen this skill
  • Secret Buddy - great general goodwill activity, but don't underestimate the communication strengthening they gain through observation, perception, and even guessing wrong
  • Show and Tell - perfect activity for your newest employees to connect them to the company culture and affirm that connection to purpose in their work
  • Tell Me a Story - use storytelling about your PITA clients to illuminate good communication - being agreeable and accepting
  • Tell Me What You Really Want - misunderstandings happen and are usually a result of not speaking what you want clearly; use this activity to teach and practice speaking up and speaking clearly about their wants and needs

Each collection also includes a Basic Prize List of ideas on which you can build as these engagement activities help you learn more about your staff and what motivates them.

With this collection of TEAMBuilders, you may find it useful to also purchase at least one deck of Core Values Cards and possibly the field staff training video set "Say What You Mean."

TEAMBuilders were originally introduced as part of a monthly subscription program - HIPEP High Performance Employee Engagement - created by Liz Trotter.

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