Teambuilders 12-pack for Problem Solving

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Teambuilders 12-pack for Problem Solving

Improving employee engagement and motivation can be as simple as starting up some activities. But you don't want just a game; as important as FUN is, engagement is MUCH MORE than just having fun.

Employee engagement expert Liz Trotter has put together 12 TEAMBuilders you can use to teach your staff to solve problems on their own - before the problems turn into complaints, low morale, or disciplinary measures. Each TEAMBuilder comes with a guide, including how to interpret the various actions and results of each game - what behaviors indicate who is engaging in good reasoning and applying company policies to create solutions rather than discord.

Your TEAMBuilders for Problem Solving Digital Download includes

  • Buy for a Buck - designed to challenge each employee or team to squeeze every bit of value out of a limited resource.
  • Is This Right? - great advanced exercise to coach employees into making better and even great decisions with the added challenge of some sort of pressure.
  • Learning to Appreciate - designed to create an opportunity for employees to recognize and appreciate each others' contributions to the company; appreciation doesn't have to come only from supervisors and owners.
  • Let Me Help - pave the way for a receptive reaction to changes with this TB
  • Let's Measure - perfect for when you're getting the same old answers and need to push your employees to think outside the box
  • Let's Work Together - not all methods of solving a problem work for every person or every team; this exercise helps to illustrate that and encourage multiple attempts at problem solving
  • Overcoming Obstacles - use this activity to help people who don't agree to still overcome the tension and make a good decision together
  • Puzzle Day - start off with this great and fun word puzzle, a low-risk challenge to get the problem-solving juices flowing
  • Puzzle Me This - help your employees look at their daily work orders with brightened attention
  • Special Request - when respect - or lack of - is creating a communication problem, use this activity to get everyone back on the same page about how to ask for help or assign tasks
  • We're Better Together - when the problem is that an employee no longer feels the meaning and value of his/her job, this activity can help everyone reconnect and head off problems
  • You Can Do This - another great preparation for introducing a change and getting buy-in from your staff

Each collection also includes a Basic Prize List of ideas on which you can build as these engagement activities help you learn more about your staff and what motivates them.

TEAMBuilders were originally introduced as part of a monthly subscription program - HIPEP High Performance Employee Engagement - created by Liz Trotter.

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