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By admin on October 18, 2023

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DISC Workshop Cruise on the Discovery Princess

Embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and personal growth on board the magnificent Discovery Princess from October 1st to October 7th. This luxurious cruise offers more than just a vacation; it presents a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights about yourself and your team through DISC assessments. Based on four primary behavioral styles—Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Compliance (C)—the DISC model holds the key to building stronger relationships, improving communication, and increasing productivity in the workplace. Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with fun activities, enriching discussions, and exciting games focused on the DISC topic. Seize this chance to network with like-minded professionals, unwind in a stunning environment, and take your personal and professional development to new heights. Don’t miss out—reserve your spot today and get ready to embark on a transformative journey!

How DISC Helps You:

  • Identifying the right candidate: Utilize the power of the DISC assessment to identify candidates whose behavioral tendencies and preferences align with the job requirements. If collaboration and teamwork are crucial, seek candidates with strong “S” and “I” tendencies.
  • Improving hiring: Understanding a candidate’s DISC style allows you to tailor the interview process to better assess their suitability for the position. For example, if a candidate exhibits a “C” style, ask detailed and technical questions to evaluate their problem-solving skills.
  • Improving communication: By understanding your own communication style and that of others, you can tailor your interactions to be more effective and avoid misunderstandings. Unlock the potential of clear and precise communication.
  • Building stronger relationships: Grasping someone’s behavioral style enables you to better relate to them, fostering trust and respect to build stronger, more meaningful relationships.
  • Enhancing teamwork: Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of team members enables you to create balanced and effective teams, leveraging each member’s strengths to their fullest potential.
  • Increasing productivity: Align individuals with roles that match their natural behavioral tendencies, and watch productivity and motivation soar, leading to improved results for the entire organization.

How DISC Helps Your Team:

  • Building effective teams: As a business owner, building a strong team is critical for success. By understanding the DISC assessment, you can assemble teams that are well-rounded and balanced, with individuals possessing complementary strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improving communication: Effective communication lies at the heart of any successful business. Understanding the DISC assessment empowers you to tailor your communication style to different individuals. For instance, if an employee is a “C” style, provide clear instructions with detailed explanations to ensure they fully grasp their tasks.
  • Enhancing customer relationships: Gain deeper insight into your customers’ behavioral styles through the DISC assessment. Tailor your approach to match their preferences. For instance, direct and assertive communication may resonate better with a “D” style customer, while a more nurturing and supportive approach may be preferable for an “S” style customer.
  • Tailoring management styles: Different behavioral styles respond differently to management approaches. With a grasp of the DISC assessment, you can tailor your management style to align with the behavioral tendencies and preferences of your employees. Keep your “I” style employee motivated with praise and recognition.

How DISC Helps Your Business:

  • Sales: Understanding the DISC assessment equips sales professionals with valuable insights into their customers’ behavioral tendencies and preferences. This knowledge enables them to tailor their sales approach to better meet the needs and preferences of each customer.
  • Conflict resolution: The DISC assessment helps employees and managers understand the sources of conflict in the workplace, providing a framework for resolving conflicts more effectively by adapting communication styles.
  • Coaching & mentoring: Managers and mentors can leverage the DISC assessment to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their employees or mentees, tailoring their coaching and mentoring styles for maximum effectiveness.
  • Performance management: The DISC assessment offers a useful framework for performance management, setting clear expectations and goals that align with an individual’s behavioral tendencies and preferences.
  • Personal development: The DISC assessment fosters self-awareness, enabling individuals to understand their own behavioral tendencies and preferences. This knowledge is instrumental in personal growth and development, including enhancing leadership skills, improving communication, resolving conflicts, and developing self-awareness.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

If you aspire to be the best leader you can be, this training is tailor-made for you. Unleash your full potential and lead with confidence, compassion, and authenticity through the DISC workshop cruise. Discover your natural strengths and learn how to leverage them for maximum impact.

Destination Guide & Recommendations

As you anticipate the cruise, explore the beautiful destinations that await you:

  1. Vancouver, BC: Enjoy the pleasant weather and indulge in the charm of Granville Island, offering a delightful farmers market experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Richmond or Chinatown for the best dim sum and vibrant Asian markets. Take a scenic ride on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus and explore Stanley Park for a memorable adventure.
  2. Victoria, BC: If weather permits, take a comfortable walk from the port to the downtown shopping area. Discover a multitude of restaurants and shops for Canadian souvenirs, along with captivating street artists and craft vendors. Visit the exquisite Butchart Gardens, either through a ship excursion or independently. Consider experiencing high tea at various locations or arranging a group gathering for a delicious onboard afternoon tea.
  3. San Francisco, CA: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of San Francisco. Explore the renowned Alcatraz Island, but remember to secure tickets in advance. Venture further by renting a car and visiting nearby cities like Carmel, Monterey, or the majestic Redwoods. Stroll along the Embarcadero, indulge in artisanal food and discover fabulous stores. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Chinatown and take a ferry ride to the picturesque town of Sausalito.

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Register Now Before It’s Too Late!

Sign up today and embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery, professional growth, and unforgettable experiences. Imagine the impact you could have on your team and organization by acquiring a deep understanding of their behavioral tendencies and preferences. The DISC workshop cruise offers the knowledge and skills you need to make a real difference in your personal and professional life. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn, grow, and connect. Reserve your spot now and unlock your true potential!

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