October 1st – 6th, 2023

Ready To Set Sail with DISC?

This exclusive Cruise will set you up for personal & business growth using the DISC methodology. Find out how your behaviors translate to the staff you manage – and how to change it to get what you want!

Join us for an unforgettable experience on board the Discovery Princess from October 1st to October 7th

You’ll not only enjoy a luxurious vacation but also have the opportunity to gain valuable insights about yourself and your team through DISC assessments

The DISC model is based on four primary behavioral styles: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Compliance (C).  The knowledge gained from this workshop will help you build stronger relationships, improve communication and increase productivity in the workplace. A deep understanding of the DISC assessment will make you a better business owner by helping you build effective teams, improve communication, enhance customer relationships, and tailor your management styles. These skills will ultimately lead to greater success!  

But that’s not all! We’ll also have fun activities and events throughout the cruise that focus on the DISC topic, such as team-building exercises, group discussions, and interactive games. This is the perfect chance to network with like-minded professionals, unwind in a stunning environment and take your personal and professional development to the next level. 

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn, grow, and connect. Book your spot today and get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and adventure! 



Identifying the right candidate: The DISC assessment can help you identify candidates who have the behavioral tendencies and preferences that match the requirements of the job. For example, if the position requires a lot of collaboration and teamwork, you may look for candidates who have strong “S” and “I” tendencies


Improve hiring: Understanding a candidate’s DISC style can help you tailor the interview process to better assess their suitability for the position. For example, if a candidate is a “C” style, you may ask more detailed and technical questions to assess their problem-solving skills.


Improve communication: By understanding your own communication style and the communication styles of others, you can tailor your communication to be more effective and avoid misunderstandings.


Build stronger relationships: When you understand someone’s behavioral style, you can better relate to them and build stronger relationships based on trust and respect.


Enhance teamwork: By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of team members, you can create more balanced and effective teams, where each member’s strengths are utilized to their fullest potential.


Increase productivity: When individuals are in roles that align with their natural behavioral tendencies, they are more likely to be productive and motivated, leading to improved results for the organization.

Don’t let miscommunication and personality conflicts hold you back from achieving your full potential.

Join us for this life-changing training and gain the tools you need to succeed.



As a business owner, building an effective team is critical to success. Understanding the DISC assessment can help you build teams that are well-rounded and balanced, with individuals who have complementary strengths and weaknesses. By understanding your team’s behavioral tendencies and preferences, you can create a work environment that is conducive to productivity and success.


Improving communication: Communication is key in any business, and understanding the DISC assessment can help you tailor your communication style to be more effective with different individuals. For example, if you know that an employee is a “C” style, you may communicate more clearly and provide more detail to ensure they fully understand the task at hand.


Enhancing customer relationships: Understanding the DISC assessment can help business owners better understand their customers’ behavioral styles and tailor their approach to match. For example, if a customer is a “D” style, they may respond better to a more direct and assertive approach, while a customer who is an “S” style may respond better to a more nurturing and supportive approach.


Tailoring management styles: Some management styles work better with different behavioral styles. By understanding the DISC assessment, business owners can tailor their management styles to match the behavioral tendencies and preferences of their employees. For example, a manager who is aware that an employee is an “I” style may provide more praise and recognition to keep them motivated.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re not living up to your full potential, this training is for you.

You’ll discover your natural strengths and learn how to leverage them for maximum impact.



Understanding the DISC assessment can help sales professionals better understand their customers’ behavioral tendencies and preferences, which can help them tailor their sales approach to better match the customer’s needs and preferences.


The DISC assessment can help employees and managers better understand the sources of conflict in the workplace, and provide a framework for resolving conflicts more effectively by adapting communication styles to be more effective.


Understanding the DISC assessment can help managers and mentors better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their employees or mentees, and tailor their coaching and mentoring styles to be more effective.


The DISC assessment can provide a useful framework for performance management, by setting clear expectations and goals that are aligned with an individual’s behavioral tendencies and preferences.


The DISC assessment can help individuals understand their own behavioral tendencies and preferences, which can be useful for personal growth and development, including developing skills in leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and self-awareness.

Do you want to be the best leader you can be?

This training will help you unlock your full potential and lead with confidence, compassion, and authenticity.


Vancouver, BC

If you arrive a day(s) early, there are so many fun things to do in Vancouver and the weather is usually so nice and comfortable at this time of year.


  • Granville Island has a farmers market vibe with crafty vendors and artisanal foods. There is a cute little boat ride nearby and nice places to eat outside as you enjoy your snacks. 
  • For the best dim sum on the west coast, go to Richmond or perhaps Chinatown. Richmond is about 30 minutes from downtown, and there are lots of fun Asian markets there.
  • The Hop On Hop Off Bus is great, even if you just use it as transportation! Stanley Park is a great highlight and you can get one included boat ride at the Granville Island stop. 
  • The Lookout at Harbour Centre Tower is like Vancouver’s ‘equivalent’ of the Space Needle. It’s pretty cool and offers a nice view. 
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge is very popular and might be fun for those wanting some physical activity. We’ve not done this one personally, but would like to!
  • For those who live nearby and will arrive the day of the cruise, lots of people take the public transit (it’s like the BART) to the port. There are also Princess Transfers that run from the airport to the cruise terminal.


The ship offers many of these excursions or they can easily arrange this independently (even just catching a cab to the location)

  • If weather permits, it’s an comfortable walk from the port to the downtown shopping area. Otherwise, the ship sells a shuttle to/from the downtown area or you can catch a cab.
  • Downtown area has lots of restaurants and shops for Canadian souvenirs; cute waterfront area often has street artists and craft vendors. The Empress Hotel is fun to explore! Not as popular or prolific as the Mexican Farmacias, many people like to go to Canadian pharmacies for more-potent and less-expensive OTC ibuprofen and Voltaren. 
  • The Butschart Gardens is beautiful! The ship offers an excursion or you can do it independently. 
  • There are a few places to do High Tea, including some ship excursions (can be pricey). Alternatively, you could just arrange for your group to meet up for Afternoon Tea onboard (it’s free and delicious!). 


There is so much to do here!

  • Alcatraz is probably the most popular activity. If anyone wants to do this, they should get their tickets as soon as possible. The ship offers excursions (usually sell out) and it can be arranged independently.
  • Depending upon how comfortable people are, there is always the possibility of renting a car and then visiting cities like Carmel, Monterrey, north to the Redwoods, etc.
  • One of our favorite things to do is right at the port, the Embarcadero!! So many fun stores, artisanal food vendors, darling crafts, etc! And, fabulous restaurants!! There is also a farmers market on some days; it’s is extensive and delicious! The Embarcadero is sprawling; there are pedicabs around if desired. The city is on the other side of the street and there are often artists and vendors displaying their wares.
  • The Hop On Hop Off is good in this city. The ship sells it as an excursion or you can purchase in port (comparable pricing). The good thing about buying in port is that you can hop on at the storefront (a bit of a walk) and then get your choice of seating. 
  • Chinatown is a fun place to grab lunch. Lots of great places for dim sum, and the House of Nanking is very popular for lunch. There are often walking tours of Chinatown that are free (just tip your guide when you leave). 
  • It’s also fun to take the ferry to Sausalito, which is a cute artsy town. 

Imagine the impact you could have on your team and organization if you had a deep understanding of their behavioral tendencies and preferences.

This training will give you the knowledge and skills you need to make a real difference.


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Do you wonder how some people are able to be successful, when in truth they are no smarter than you, and sometimes even less?

It can be frustrating to see others succeed when we feel like we’re just as intelligent or capable. However, success is not just about intelligence, it’s also about mindset and attitude. By understanding the DISC assessment, you can develop a growth mindset and learn how to leverage your natural strengths to achieve your goals. You can also learn how to communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships, and work more collaboratively with others. Don’t let feelings of inadequacy hold you back from achieving your full potential. This training can give you the tools you need to succeed and help you overcome any obstacles standing in your way. With the right mindset, attitude, and skills, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.