Liz Trotter
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High-Performance Certified Coach

About Liz Trotter

Liz currently owns and operates Core Profit Builders, which teaches small business owners how to leverage their unique talents to build professional companies. She has held five cleaning companies and is currently the absentee owner of American Maid Service in Olympia, WA. Along with her husband, Tim, Liz is a real estate investor and developer who owns more than 85 rentals.

As a Certified High-Performance Coach and an avid reader (she averages three books a week), Liz uses her extensive behavioral psychology and DISC training to empower entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and goals more confidently.

Liz’s current passion is teaching strategies of SCALE using her proprietary system, The G.E.T., within Core Profit Builders’ Strategic Success Circles. Liz is thrilled to watch struggling business owners achieve her definition of success: achieving happiness and fulfillment while working toward their greatest desires in life and business.

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