The Managers Circle: Elevating Your Managers to Business Leaders

Are you ready to transform your managerial staff into diligent, hard working leaders who share your passion for success? Welcome to The Managers Circle, a program designed exclusively for Level 3 and Level 4 Strategic Success Members. In this article, we’ll delve into how this program can help you unlock the full potential of your management team and take your business to new heights.

The Power of Aligned Interests

1. Uniting for Success

The Managers Circle brings you and your managerial staff together as a united front. We believe that when your managers win, you win. By aligning your interests with theirs, we create a powerful synergy that drives your business forward.

2. A Must for Scaling

Our members consistently describe The Managers Circle as a “must” if you have aspirations of scaling your business to multiple offices and achieving multi-million-dollar sales. Discover how this program can be your key to unprecedented growth.

What You Gain Inside The Managers Circle

1. Professionally Managed Group

Join a professionally managed group that provides the structure and support needed for success. We ensure that every member’s journey is guided effectively.

2. KPI Workbook

Gain access to a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) workbook that helps you track and measure crucial metrics. This tool empowers you to make informed decisions.

3. Weekly Strategic Planning Meeting

Participate in weekly strategic planning meetings where you’ll collaborate with fellow members and gain fresh insights into business strategies.

4. Annual Goal Setting Workbook

Set clear and achievable annual goals for your business. This workbook guides you through the goal-setting process.

5. Private Facebook Group

Join a private Facebook group where you can connect with other members, share experiences, and seek advice.

6. Educational Webinars

Access educational webinars that provide valuable knowledge and skills to enhance your leadership abilities.

7. Accountability Toward Owner Goals

Stay accountable to your owner goals with the support and encouragement of your fellow members.

8. Daily Motivation

Receive daily doses of motivation to keep you and your team inspired and driven.

9. Dare To Dream Workbook

Explore your dreams and aspirations for your business with the Dare To Dream workbook.

10. Workshop

Participate in workshops that foster personal and professional growth.

11. DISC Assessment and De-Brief

Understand your unique personality traits and learn how to leverage them effectively with a DISC assessment and debrief session.

12. Live Group Calls (2/Week)

Engage in live group calls to discuss challenges, share successes, and collaborate with your peers.

13. Instant Voxer Access (2/Week)

Enjoy direct access to fellow members through Voxer, a real-time messaging app, for immediate support and communication.

14. Company Deep Dive (Monthly)

Take a monthly deep dive into your company’s operations to identify areas for improvement and growth.

15. 3-Day In-person Event (Annually)

Connect with fellow members in person during our 3-day annual event, where you’ll gain valuable insights and forge lasting relationships.

16. Group Coaching Events (Included)

Participate in group coaching events that provide targeted guidance and strategies for your business.

Nurturing High-Performing Leaders

1. Beyond Cleaning

While training employees to clean homes is essential, nurturing managers to become exceptional leaders who share your company’s vision is a distinct challenge. Many managers in the industry become stressed and disengaged because they don’t fully grasp your vision; their work feels like just another job.

2. Success for Managers

The Success For Managers group within The Managers Circle offers your managerial staff a supportive environment to foster personal and professional growth. By helping them better understand why they do what they do, we ensure their motivation remains unwavering.

Conclusion: Unlock Your Managers’ Potential

Elevating your managerial staff to leaders who are deeply invested in your company is the key to sustainable growth and success. The Managers Circle empowers you to achieve this transformation, equipping your managers with the skills, motivation, and vision needed to drive your business forward.


1. How can I join The Managers Circle?

Joining The Managers Circle is easy. If you are a Level 3 or Level 4 Strategic Success Member, you are eligible to enroll. Contact our team to get started on your journey to transformation.

2. What types of businesses benefit from The Managers Circle?

Businesses of various types and sizes can benefit from The Managers Circle. Whether you run a cleaning company or belong to a different industry, the program’s principles of leadership and alignment of interests apply universally.

3. Is there a fee to join The Managers Circle?

Yes, there is a membership fee associated with The Managers Circle. For detailed pricing information and membership plans, please visit our website or contact our team.

4. What should I expect from the annual 3-day in-person event?

The annual 3-day in-person event is an opportunity to connect with fellow members, engage in workshops, and gain insights from industry experts. It’s a valuable experience designed to enhance your leadership skills and expand your network.

5. How do I ensure my managers are aligned with my business vision?

The Managers Circle focuses on aligning your interests with those of your managers. Through shared experiences, education, and motivation, we work together to ensure that your managers are not just employees but passionate advocates of your business vision.