Our 2024 Goal Setting Workshop

Ever wondered what would make 2024 the standout year for your business? Envision, strategize, and achieve with our upcoming Goal Setting Workshop!

Envisioning Your 2024 Business Goals

What are the heights your business is aiming for in 2024? Have you dreamed big, bold, and audacious? Now, let’s make those dreams come to life.

Crafting a Strategic Roadmap for Success

Turning dreams into reality requires a plan. Are you set to translate your aspirations into achievements for 2024? Let’s navigate that journey!

Fostering Resilience in Business

Every business faces challenges. But imagine if every setback was just a stepping stone? Gear up to face those challenges head-on and turn them into opportunities.

Celebrating Milestones in 2024

Let’s not just achieve but celebrate each milestone with passion! What would those champagne moments look like for your business?

Linnsey’s Cleaning: A Destination for Growth

At Linnsey’s Cleaning in Auburn, California, it’s not just about cleanliness. It’s where dreams get clarity, and visions become missions!

Unlocking Your Business Creativity

Think, brainstorm, get those creative juices flowing! And once you’ve envisioned what’s achievable, let’s set that plan into motion.

Defining the Vision for Your Business

Setting clear goals is the first step towards achieving them. At Linnsey’s Cleaning, we ensure your dreams have a clear path to reality.

Clarity for Your 2024 Vision

Crystal-clear vision is the cornerstone of success. What’s your vision for 2024? Let’s etch it in stone.

Crafting Strategies for Business Success

Every dream needs a strategy to make it actionable. Learn how to draft those strategies leading to triumphant outcomes.

Embracing Accountability in Business

With great vision comes great responsibility. Discover the power of accountability and how it can fast-track your business to success.

Building Resilience in Business

Turn resilience into your 2024 superpower. Ready to face every challenge with renewed vigor?

Celebrating Your Business Wins

Victory tastes sweeter when celebrated. Cultivate a habit of rejoicing in every win, big or small.

Sign up for both of our goal setting events and get both for a great price!

Event Details

  • Date: December 8-9, 2023
  • Location: Linnsey’s Cleaning, Auburn, California
  • Registration: Open now!

Dare to dream, aim high, and achieve all that and more in 2024. Let Linnsey’s Cleaning be your guiding star in this transformative journey.

Cheers to new beginnings and monumental successes!

Your friends in success,
Liz and All of Us at Core Profit Builders.


  • Is the event live-streamed?
    Yes, the event is available for live streaming.
  • What is the cost to attend the workshop?
    The investment for this transformative workshop is $495.00. But check here for special offers that could be active!
  • Who is this workshop ideal for?
    Anyone aiming for extraordinary business success in 2024 and wishes to have a strategic plan in place.
  • Will there be any tools or materials provided?
    Yes, attendees will benefit from insights, strategies, and tools that will aid in their business journey for 2024.
  • How can I register for the 2024 Goal Setting workshop?
    Seats are limited! Reserve yours now by registering here.